Absolutely love the scent of this - smells like a strong flat white out of your local specialist coffeehouse, and it has a good half-life smell wise. I tend to keep my face fuzz at 'scruff' length but even so I've noticed that my beard hair feels healthier than ever. Added bonus is that the oil tames fly-aways pretty well if I'm not wanting to use beard balm that day


This shampoo is super, it makes my beard soft and smells great , don’t hesitate if you are thinking about buying it.


Order on the one day sale and glad I did now one of my favs. Smell of Jam Doughnuts is spot on, use it in the morning can still smell in the afternoon.

Adam H.

Managed to bag one of these when they was on presale and I’m glad I did!! It smells amazing and feels so sleek on the beard..... thank you for another great scented product!

Adam L

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